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Exonerated Alkatiri asks leaders to admit mistakes
Februari 6, 2007, 12:40 pm
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Media Release by DEPIM FRETILIN


Former Timor–Leste (East Timor) prime minister Mari Alkatiri, cleared of accusations he was involved in arming a hit squad to kill political opponents, today called on the country’s leaders to publicly acknowledge their error in forcing his resignation last year.

Dr Alkatiri said president Xanana Gusmao and prime minister Jose Ramos-Horta should ‘have the moral strength to admit they erred’ when they used false allegations to demand his resignation last June.

‘I do not want to have to use the law and judicial system to restore, in its totality my name and image,’ he added.

Dr Alkatiri, who remains secretary general of Fretilin and a member of parliament, also foreshadowed possible legal action against media outlets in Australia which broadcast false, untested and defamatory allegations against him.

‘This now paves the way for me to seek legal redress for the injustice done to me and my family by the politically motivated smear campaign instigated against my good name and character in Timor Leste, Australia and elsewhere,’ he said.

‘False allegations aired with extreme political bias and utmost ill will, have been found to be baseless when subjected to judicial scrutiny.’

Timor–Leste’s Prosecutor-General confirmed last night that his office had dropped an investigation into the allegations because of a lack of evidence, effectively clearing Dr Alkatiri of any wrongdoing.

A United Nations investigation last year also found no evidence to support the allegations but recommended they be further investigated by the prosecutor general’s office.

Dr Alkatiri pointed out he had willingly submitted himself to both the UN and Prosecutor-General’s investigations, unlike anti-Fretilin identities named by the UN investigators as suspected of being involved in criminal activity including murder.


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Without knowing much about what’s going on in Timor Leste, the role Ramos Horta is playing in the western scenario has been always suspicious to me. The move made against Alkatiri second by Xanana strengthen the suspect of a conspiracy. I don’t think that there will be a moral value for hoping any addmittance of misjudgement by the two conspiracy puppets.

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